28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many hours should i sleep and iam not getting proper sleep can you suggest any tips

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Answer: Hormonal changes affect sleep. Listen to calming music, read a good book or simply exercise to tire you. I had similar problem since my 6th month. I used to sleep barely for 2 hours a day and still felt fresh and energetic for rest 22 hours of the day. Problem subsided gradually by 8th month. My gynae told, Babies prepare their parents for future sleepless days and nights. Good luck. Dont worry.
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Question: How many hours should I have sleep
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. You should have minimum six to eight hours of good sleep. Sleep helps in babies brain development and lot. It helps to digest your food. You need sleep to get fresh. Take care
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Question: Iam 6 month pregnant... How many hours i should sleep in a day
Answer: Hello You have to sleep atleast 8 to 10 hours a day. Your body is working very hard for the baby and it works best whn u sleep and rest better so try to sleep whn u feel tired and feel like sleeping
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Question: How many hours baby should sleep now
Answer: Hi,welcome to motherhood dear Ideally Bab should be sleeping fir 10-11 hours at night and 5-6 hours during the day As the baby will grow the sleeping pattern will also change
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Question: iam not getting proper sleep at night.what is the reason
Answer: During pregnancy the hormones cause bloating and pregnancy leg cramps cause insomnia. There are natural remedies to deal with insomnia during pregnancy Warm water bath will help. Get a leg massage at bed time Sleep early and on same time Avoid afternoon naps to feel sleepy at night Have a midnight routine for falling asleep if you wake up from sleep Eat healthy food and avoid fried stuff at night.
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