19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many hours i sleep during pregnancy

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Answer: Sleep is very important in the pregnancy A pregnant mom should sleep 8 to 10 hours peacefully.. there is a myth the baby growth enables much during sleep time of the mother.. Sleep during night times avoid morning sleep..hope it's helpful for u..
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Question: How many hours should sleep during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear, in pregnancy you should sleep atleast 8 to 10 hrs. It will help in your baby's growth n development.
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Question: How many hours sleep during pregnancy
Answer: Nearly 9 to 10hrs is good for pregnant women... When u have a sufficient sleep then u have good in baby growth dear..
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Question: How many hours do I sleep during pregnancy
Answer: Hi, Pregnancy is a very stressful a nd demanding period and you will require good amount of rest . Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours daily regularly. You can small naps during the day also
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Question: How many hours sleep during pregnency
Answer: Dear atleast 8 hours of sleep is recommended during pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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