15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many glass of water shud be drunk one day?

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Answer: There are few app in Google store just download them and fill with you're weight and height it guide you to take a proper water quantities that how much you need to intake daily.
Answer: 12-13 so that it helps for your amniotic sac and it also makes u a normal delivery Drinking water has many advantages So drink as much as you can but minimum is 12-13
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Question: how many glass of water should be taken
Answer: 2 to 2.5 litres of water intake is good during pregnancy. Means 12-15 glasses of water
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Question: How many glass of water need for pregnant lady?
Answer: Hello%20dear...%0AIt%20is%20essential%20to%20drink%202-3%20litres%20of%20water%20a%20day%2Ccan%20also%20have%20water%20rich%20veggies%20and%20fruits%20%2Cinclude%20coconut%20water%2Cbutter%20milk%20will%20be%20helpful
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Question: how many glass of water i should drink
Answer: You should drink 3-4 litres of water daily. I litres 4 glasses so 16 glasses needed
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