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Question: How many days will it take to recover from c section delivery? When to start normal diet?when to tie tummy with belt?

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Answer: It takes 3to6months to recover completely..after 1month or 3wks we can wear tummy belt ...till 3months better 2 take low oil heat producing foods (paaya, garlic pwder,till pwdr )n calcium rich foods avoid green chilli replace rdry chilli r chilli lwder in green mirchi place
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Question: for normal delivery how many days it will take to recover. wen will start normal day today work?
Answer: In case of normal delivery you may get discharged from the hospital on the very next day or in 2 days.Even though you feel normal after one to two weeks and will be able to do day today work, it is better to take good rest till 3 months.
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Question: How long it will take to recover from c section
Answer: After 20 days or 1 month severe pain will gone .But for at least 3 yrs don't take heavy weight and also heavy works like cleaning the upper cupboard and all it will give strain and that day we have pain in our abdominal area.
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Question: How many days does it take to completly recover from the c section delivery
Answer: Hi dear gor normal low stress day ti day life u can start doing after 4 to 6 week but a complete recovery process's tske atleast 6 months .u should refrain doing any execrise or exhaustive work after 6 months of delivery. U can do walk and swimming which is fine. Also getting involve in light yoga and sleep properly is advisable.
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