16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how many days rest we need to take after circlage of cervix . as i am working.

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Answer: Hello! It varies and it can be anything between 2 days to 2 weeks. Hence, it is better to dis with your doctor about it.
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Question: how many days should I take bedrest after cervical circlage?
Answer: In cervical cerclage, women are put to bedroom rest for the entire pregnancy. It is usually best to follow your doctor's guidance and take proper rest,which if not followed can give rise to complications.
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Question: How many days time need to rest after c section ?!
Answer: Hi dear in the case of C section as we know this is a kind of surgery which take some time. generally it depends person to person so it can vary from 6 to 12 week for a proper recovery of a mom who undergo C section . you need to take some special care . after c-section you have to eat fibre rich vegetables and fruits to avoid any constipation which can affect your stitching area as well as drink lots of water have fresh fruit vegetables lentils kidney beans oats Milk products to have a proper supply of breast milk . if you are feeling any kind of pain you can also take Iron and Calcium tablets for further till the time you are breastfeeding take a proper rest at this time as body need time and rest to get recover try to stay healthy and take care of hygiene keep your stitching area clean and dry and don't let it get affected to any kind of infection
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Question: After c section how many days we need rest and when can we travel
Answer: Hi darling, congratulations on your delivery, some quick checks for you to take care of yourself along with baby after c-section. Rest. Sleep seven to eight hours a night if possible. Sleeping encourages tissue growth, which will help your injuries heal. Sleep also lowers your stress level, which in turn can lower your inflammation and otherwise improve your health Drink fluids. Drink water and other fluids to replenish the fluids lost during delivery, and to prevent constipation. Your fluid intake will be monitored in the hospital, but once you are home it is on you to drink adequate fluid. When breast-feeding, keep a glass of water beside you. Eat well. Eating nutritious meals and snacks is especially important when you recover from surgery. Your digestive system will be recovering from the surgery, so you might want to make a few adjustments to your regular diet. If your stomach is upset, eat bland, low-fat foods, such as rice, broiled chicken, yogurt, and toast. when you were in the hospital, you will need to keep moving. Try to increase your time walking by a few minutes each day. This does not mean you should be exercising! Do not bike, jog, or do any strenuous exercise for at least six weeks after your C-section, Support your abdomen. Supporting your wound will decrease pain and lower the risk of your wound re-opening. Hold a pillow over the incision when you cough or take deep breaths. Clean your incision. Wash it daily with warm, soapy water, and pat dry. If your health care provider has put strips of tape on your incision, let them fall off on their own, or remove them after a week. You may cover your wound with a gauze bandage for comfort or if it is weeping, but make sure to change the bandage daily. Wear loose clothing. Dress in loose, soft clothing that does not rub against your incision Abstain from sex. After a c-section or a vaginal delivery, you body may need four to six weeks of healing before you can engage in most forms of sexual activity. If you have had a c-section, it might take even longer for your incision to be firmly healed. Wait until your doctor says it's safe before engaging in sex. Wear pads to absorb vaginal bleeding. 
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Question: how many weeks rest we need after labor delivery
Answer: In normal delivery u should take 8 weeks rest atleast for stronger comeback. It's necessary to give ur body proper rest. So don't hurry up
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