1 months old baby

Question: How many days required to recover from c section?

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Answer: Hi Mum it completely takes 40 days to get well and you should take rest for at least three months we should not lift heavy weight and please take care of your stitches avoid getting pregnant at this time use protect to prevent getting pregnant
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Question: How much time is required to recover from c section
Answer: Hi it does not really take much time now a days to recover from C section it is almost like a normal delivery because I had a C section and from the fifth day I have started doing everything by myself of my baby is a small household chores but it is important to take care of your health for at least six months because your router installation will Heal completely but the Inception will take a lot of time to heal so please do not do any heavy weight lifting or any heavy work or do not do any kind of exercise .. Hope this helps!
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Question: After how many days I recover from c section...
Answer: Hi dear dont worry with gods grace you will get a normal delivery. But on certain circumstances we cant avoid c sec . Such case you need to take rest atleqst 3 months. You can do yojr work from 1 month but should not lift heavy weight or carry heavy weight . Atleast for 3 montha.
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Question: How many days required to recover from mastities
Answer: this is not mastities, this is blocked milk ducts or Engorgement. what happens when milk is trapped in some place of your breast you can dip a towel in warm water and place it on your breast. also you can apply linolin based nipple cream. you will feel better sooner
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