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Question: How many days it will take to dissolvable stitches to dissolve completely after c section ?

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Answer: Hello dear c sections stitches takes a big time to dissolve completely. C section stitches or staple will probably be removed with in four to five days after your surgery. But it can be take 2 to 6 months to completely heal.
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Question: How to take care of c-section stitches?
Answer: Hi mild cramps like pain is normal, it will there for 7-10 days, due to contraction of uterus.if it severe you can take tab paracetamol or ibuprofen at home .after shower dry with a clean towel and keep applying betadine oint ment twice daily.so drink plenty of fluids like butter milk, juices, coconut water.take proper healthy high protein diet.take care
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Question: How many days periods stay after c section delivery.
Answer: It's not your period dear its postpartum bleeding.. it can last for maximum a month but Agar usee Jyada bleeding ho rahe hai then consult your doctor for medication to stop bleeding. Don't take any kind of physical stress, take proper rest for 45 daysHope it helps.
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Question: After how many days we need to take bath after removal of c section stiches? How to take bath without wound becoming wet
Answer: Congratulations Dear! You can take bath after 2 to 3 days. Just apply coconut oil on your stitches and use polythene cover and cotton cloth to wrap around your abdomen for few days
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