12 months old baby

Question: How many days do baby have cold and cough

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Question: Have given MR and Rubella..injection to baby on yesterday.. He got fever cold and cough. Have consult with doctor.. How many days required to cover...?
Answer: Give baby paracetamol syrup. Wipe the baby's body with wet cloth at regular intervals. It will reduce fever. Make baby wear light cloths and don't wrap.in a blanket. Give baby warm water to drink to aviod dehydration
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Question: My baby is 10 days and she have cough and cold what to do
Answer: Hi! 10 days old babg got cough will sure be due to Infection, pls run a humidifier at room if possible, keep your hands sanitized before holding the baby, give steam bath and nasal spray to loosen the mucus and help it drain out from nostrils and keep feeding breastmilk to the baby.. Hope baby gets well soon..
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Question: how many days will last my baby' cold and fever
Answer: Hi,usually the viral fever will last for 3 to 5 days in some cases is also last for 7 days it depends upon the infection .
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