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Question: How many days are needed to take pergrancy test

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Answer: When your period missed by 10 days than you should check your pregnancy. Always use first morning urine to check pregnancy .
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Question: Cerclage after procedure how many days rest needed
Answer: Hi, you can return to every day activities right after Cerclage.take rest as mush as possible but full bed rest is not necessary.avoid intense exercises.avoid taking fatty foods, can take low carbohydrates and high proteins and nuts and seeds.better to avoid travelling long distances.all the best dear
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Question: How many days i have to wait to take pregnancy test after missed period
Answer: Dear you have to wait 10 days after missed period. Period may come before or after 5-7 days. Always use first morning urine to check pregnancy).
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Question: someone told me that dont take medicines before cmpleting 3 months. it is harmful.? and how many test are needed in pregnancy? because my doctor told me 10 to 11 test. is it ok?
Answer: Dear yes multiple test are required in early pregnancy... And also medicine required in first trimester. So take prescribed medicine.
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