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Question: how many days after periods i will get pregnant

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Answer: Hi dear, You need to wait for a week after you miss your period.and using first urine of morning test it through home Pregnancy test kit.
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Question: After how many days after normal delivery will i get periods
Answer: Hi dear it completely depends on person to person it basically is the hormonal stability as soon as the hormone stabilises in your body you will start with your regular periods it can be after 6 months or a year that totally depends on your body but if it has not started yet for you please be safe and protected while you are physically intimated.. Hope this helps!
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Question: For how many days i will get periods after c section
Answer: Hello dear. The hormones circulating while you're breastfeeding can temporarily suspend ovulation, so you may not see a period until you wean your baby. Your period should return within six to eight weeks after you stop breastfeeding, though it can take months for it to be totally regular again. If you're formula-feeding your baby, you may start your periods again any time between five weeks and three months after giving birth. Take care.
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Question: After how many days we will get normal periods after abortion?
Answer: The bleeding starts immediately after the abortion but that is not regular periods. Mostly the normal periods starts between 4-8 weeks of abortion. But yet it depends upon the body cycle person to person. But whenver the regular period starts just check whether the bleeding flow is normal as before or it has more clots than regular. As the bleeding may be heavier than normal periods. If so than please consult doctor.
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Question: After how many days of missing periods can i get to know if i am pregnant
Answer: Hi , dear once you miss your period you can check anyday then to confirm pregnancy just make sure to use only first midstream urine of the day for accurate results.
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