13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How many days after I ll get RCH number?

2 Answers
Answer: You can check on their online site you will be able to get all information.
Answer: After two months
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Question: how many days after susten 200 injection ll i get my periods
Answer: Hello, this your gynecologist will be best to answer.
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Question: What is RCH number? What is the uses of pickme number?
Answer: RCH number is important to get the baby's birth certificate. U can get this number from village nursing home.
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Question: After c section for how many days ll have intercourse
Answer: Hi. You will need to wait atleast for 2-3 months. As you may see your stiches drying but inner stiches takes time to heal. So its advisable to start your sexual life after 2-3 month.
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