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Question: how many days after delivery, I should start belly fat reducing work out ?

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Answer: Breastfeeding and small walks around the house is a good start for an exercise. Nobody is going to look at your physique during your pregnancy and a few months after your delivery. Your priority should rather be to establish a breastfeeding routine and ensure your able to stay somewhat active at home. If you had a cesarean then at least 6 months after delivery you should not exert yourself in any manner. Then slow walks and probably small chores around the house is a fine start. By the time your child is one year old, you would be ready to do some additional exercises. In case of a normal delivery, 5-6 months is a good start for some small upper body exercises and walking and chores. EITHER CASE, YOUR BODY NEEDS A YEAR TO RECOVER FROM THE PREGNANCY AND TIREDNESS FROM ADJUSTING TO NEW ROUTINES WITH THE BABY. Then, depending on your lifestyle, you would be able to set up some time to yourself to get back to the way you were. Don't try to speed up things against time and nature, it'll affect you in the future.
Answer: At least for 6 months you can not do any heavy workout. After 6 month you can ask your doctor what type of exercise helpful for you. You can start walking after 3 months of your delivery.
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Answer: Hello dear.. maternity belts can be used after the stitches have healed completely...if it is used continuously for the first 5-6 months after delivery...it helps in effectively reducing the tummy dear..
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Question: After how many days after delivery we can start exercising to reduce belly fat
Answer: Hello dear... You can start exercising after six months, because now your body is in healing process, as of now can go for mild walking for twenty minutes
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Question: After how many days of c-section delivery I can start exercise to loose belly fat
Answer: You can start exercise after 2 months of c-section..Start with light excercises.
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