1 months old baby

Question: How many makhanas can I give to my two year old baby in a day?and are they good for kids?

2 Answers
Answer: Yaa u can give 1 bowl to ur baby it contains lots n lots of calcium its a healthy snack
Answer: ohh aaap.. sion a lo
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Question: Is formula milk is good for baby. How many times we can give in a day,,???
Answer: Hello! There is nothing better than breast milk. But in case breast milk is not available then only option available is formula milk. As the number of times to be given varies with the requirement. If there is breastmilk then depends how many times you are breastfeeding the baby. Take care
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Question: How many egg should i give my one and half year baby in a day
Answer: Hello dear... You can feed one egg daily,will help protect against cold, and it is a great immunity booster, but avoid feeding eggs during night, may cause indigestion.
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Question: My twin children are sucking and chewing every thing how can I control themselves? They are two year old?
Answer: Hello Give finger foods.they will enjoy a lot.sucking and chewing its a developmental behavior.the only way to control is to focus them to have edible foods while sucking and chewing
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