Few days old baby

Question: How long we have to go with the 2 hours once feeding?

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Answer: After 2 month u can feed ur baby on demand but if ur baby gaining weight properly
Answer: thanks youuu
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Question: Hi how many hours once feeding for 2 month old baby.and how long for feeding time?
Answer: why you should feed your baby every 2 hours for 15 to 20 minutes from each side this is very important during the day as well as during the night time this will help in providing proper growth a proper nutrition to the baby which is important for the babies growth and development
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Question: Hi How many hours once give feeding for 2 month old baby. How long give feeding?
Answer: hi dear if your baby is 2 months old and has already gained the birth weight then please feed the baby according to the Hunger accuse the baby should give hunger cure when the baby is hungry and it should feed the baby at that time but the quantity or the timing that through which the baby will latch completely depends on the baby but if you fail to understand the Hunger gives a gift your baby doesn't show any hungry Q then you can feed the baby in every 2 to 3 hours.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Once we stop breastfeeding will breasts go back to old size. How long will it take
Answer: hello.. dear in some women they go back to original position and in some women they reduce in size or remains same in size after delivery..when you stop feeding it might take some time around 2 months to get back original position like before pregnancy or remains same..
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