1 months old baby

How long should I breastfeed my baby in single strecth

It depends on how much time it takes to get the baby's stomach filled. Maybe it will take around 10-20 mints or even more. Once you have breastfed and the baby starts crying you will have to feed again.
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Question: How many hours and how long time should I breastfeed?
Answer: This age of child has demand feeding Give him everytime he wants
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Question: Till how long should you breastfeed your child?
Answer: Hii dear. As per doctor minimum 6 months is compulsory to give breast feed and after that it is purely ur co.fort and decision. Generally ladies prefer till 1 year as cow milk is not allowed before one year of baby. Only breast milk or formula milk is suggested. So after one year u can discounting. But make sure to accompany solid foods also after 6 months of age of baby .
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Question: How long I should breastfeed her.. My daughter is 13months old.
Answer: Hi.. One year breast feeding is sufficient, now you should make efforts towards making her drink milk from feeding bottle. When she gets drowsy while taking feed switch to bottle feed. Choose a feeding bottle with soft nipple.
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