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Question: How long does the implantation bleeding last?

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Answer: Hi This bleeding happens during the earliest part of pregnancy. The implantation of the embryo in the wall of the uterus causes spotting. It usually occurs sometime before (or around the same time) as your periods or approximately at about 6 to 12 days after pregnancy. Spotting is lighter (light pink to brown colored) than the periods and lasts for a few days.if bleeding occurs then you immediately go to hospital for checkup ok
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Question: How long implantation bleeding occur.
Answer: Hi. Implantation bleeding can last upto 4-5 days. If more than that it needs a medical attention. . Also it should be not like frsh blood imolantation bleeding is like brown discharge or pink.
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Question: How long does implantation bleeding or spotting occurs
Answer: Dear implantation bleeding can happen from 10-20 days after ovulation...
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Question: Does implantation occur for everyone?? How long does it take for D implantation bleeding to occur.???
Answer: Some people doesnot experience bleeding from implantation.
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