2 months old baby

Question: How is the sleep pattern for 3 months old baby?

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Answer: Sleep for 2 - 4 Months Old Baby :This is the time period when the infants start to settle into a nap routine. Expose the baby to a lot of morning sunlight and allow them to play during the daytime. Initiate a pre bed-time routine such as shower, narrating a story, or feeding before putting the baby to sleep. This will create a pattern for the child and indicate to them that it is now time to sleep.
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Question: How get changes in baby sleep pattern
Answer: Hi dear,baby s sleep pattern changes in their in we can't do anything.you can try to keep your baby awake during day time by playing with the baby .and then the baby will be tired to sleep at night But sometimes it won't help as we can't make the baby jeot awake when baby really wants to sleep
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Question: My baby is 5 months 10 days old. What should be her sleep duration nd pattern
Answer: Hello dear. Babies at this age should be sleeping atleast 14-15 hours. 10-11 during the night and rest during the day. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old but his sleep pattern is Not adjusted yet .. he keeps awake all night .. facing problem for job.. what to do
Answer: It will take time.. around 4 to 5 months
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