21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how I wil know the gender of my baby ...in India it's strictly not possible to know your babies gender by sonography... so at home how I can be sure

5 Answers
Answer: old mythology ke accrding kuch pehchan h ..jo abhi tk azmai hui h ..apne pr evn apni family ke jine baby hue..boy ki kicking left side se start ho ti h ..pain nd all thing from left side ..heart beat 140 rehti h baby ki..aur 4 ke baad lady bht down lgne kagti h face se ..jbki baby girl me hr chees right se aur heart beat 150 ke uper rehti h
Answer: there is a website where u post ultrasound scan 2 pics and they will tell u the gender. try that..
Answer: it's not required to know unborn babies gender. if u r so Keen to know then go out of India.
Answer: only myths r there to guess like babys hb.
Answer: I am also same doubt like you