34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How I ll cum to know ki baby head down position le rha hai

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Answer: just answered your query on another post. kindly check in the me section.
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Question: Hai!! At what week baby head down position ll happen??
Answer: Hi, dear as you are in your 33 week so hopefully baby will change its position once before delivery to get in birth position . But nothing can be said confirmly..
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Question: How to know baby had come in head down position
Answer: Hi If baby head is down your tummy ll get down than normal and you ll get frequent urination...if you listen keenly you ll be able to feel babies hiccups,it ll be kicks like butterflies..
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Question: How i know my baby turned head down position???
Answer: Hello dear, Here are five signs you may notice, when your baby head down. You can breathe easier. When a baby drops, they physically drop into your pelvis. ... You might feel a lot more pressure. ... You notice increased discharge. ... You take more frequent trips to the bathroom. ... You have pelvic pain....
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Question: how can I know that baby is head down position
Answer: Dr ko bolo check krne ko .. wo tummy ko touch kr k bta skte hai .. simple
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