13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How i know subchorionic hemorrhage is cure? Because two weeks before scan doctor told me that Im having sch positive so till now i getting stressed and depressed how i know is that cured or my baby is safe?

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Answer: Please don't worry. I had it at 6 weeks and Doctor advised me to be in complete bed rest for a month. It resolved by itself during 13th week. But I had to take HCG injections and progesterone tablets.
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Question: Im 9weeks pregnant, doctor told me that am having sub chorionic hemorrhage in my pelvic sonography.may i know about that please, is that a serious issue..??
Answer: Its a blood clot inside ur uterus.. This can lead to bleeding and it is a bit serious issue if bleeding occurs or the hemmorrhage biggers. Pray well
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Question: Hi all,in this month I am having my anamoly scan,so how would I know that everything is good ,because I am now t feeling anything..
Answer: Hi dear.... until you begin feeling your baby's kicks... your baby's well being will be known only through ultrasound scan dear...so please stay calm and positive dear... Everything will be fine...
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Question: Now im 13 weeks pregnant last scan done by 9 weeks in that subchorionic hemorrhage is noted and doctor said some injection and tablets and also have complete bed rest and this one week im suffering from severe pelvic pain and no pregnancy symptoms is that my baby is safe im so much depressed please someone help me
Answer: If there is no bleeding then baby must be safe ... Although you can visit and check with doctor also it will give your reLief . Tc
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