10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How does banana and dates milkshake helpful during pregnancy???

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Answer: Very healthy. Although my gynae had advised me to keep banana consumption very low and infrequent as it might cause weight gain.
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Question: Pregnancy main banana milkshake pina kesa ha..
Answer: Hi dear , you can drink bannan milk shake it us safe Bananas are rich in fibres, potassium. Milk is if course good source of calcium So you can take banana milkshakes it is nutritious
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Question: Banana milkshake is safe
Answer: Hi dear, Absolutely safe.banana is a humble fruit,it is packed with nutrients.it is rich in potassium and magnesium.it also uplifts mood.have it daily.avoid putting refined sugar.as banana itself has fructose,a natural sugar.
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Question: banana milkshake is safe
Answer: It is safe just make sure take it in reasonable amount and also don't put ice or sugar in it. Some more info about banana for your reference A rich source of calcium, potassium and many other essential nutrients, banana is great fruit to consume without much worry. So, all you ladies out there who are expecting and would-be mothers in a few months, check out some of the benefits of this amazing and delicious fruit called banana for you and your developing baby. Rich In Folic Acid Folic acid is essential for the development of nerves, brain, spinal cord of your growing foetus Reduces Anemia: One of the common prenatal issues is anemia, which may result in complications during later stages of pregnancy and even during childbirth Fights Constipation: Constipation becomes all the more problematic for a pregnant lady, who struggle for a regulated gastrointestinal symptom while pregnant. To naturally reduce constipation, stomach bloating and ensure smooth bowel movement without taking supplements, ladies should increase the intake of banana in their diet. Good Source Of Calcium: It is common knowledge that calcium is essential for the development of bones and skeleton system in children as well as adults. This miraculous fruit called banana is a rich source of calcium. Boosts Blood Cell Growth: Bananas during pregnancy provide a good source of vitamin B6.
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Question: Hi, can i have banana milkshake with honey/ dates in the evening
Answer: Yes u can hv with dates
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