Few days old baby

Question: How do you know that the baby os hungry?

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Answer: baby will poke his/her finger into mouth or tongue out and licks lips
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Question: How do you know that you are producing enough milk for the baby?
Answer: Hi mam you can know this by seeing your breast you can feel hardness before feeding and after feeding you can see that you are breast become very loose so this shows that your baby has taken good feed you will also here babies sound when gulping the milk. And the other one is your baby don't take continuous feed if you get enough milk because a as a newborn child he or she don't know to control the breath so every 5 to 7 seconds they will take a little break these things can be noted and also the baby will be very happy after the feed which shows his tummy is full
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Question: How do I know that my baby is hungry
Answer: Feed ur baby once in 2 hrs. If ur baby cries or starts sucking finger then its sign of hunger. Even if baby do not demand for milk feeding once in 2 hrs is healthy for both of u
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Question: how do you Know that it's a boy
Answer: hello dear old wives told some tips through their experience to know the gender of unborn baby but scientifically not proved these tips.  If you constantly reach for meat, cheese, or other salty foods, then you'll be having a boy, according to this old wives' tale. Yearning for sugar and spice and every sweet thing in the store? The baby must be a girl. Observe your curves Does it feel like your face is getting rounder by the hour? According to this traditional Latin American belief, you should get ready for a daughter. If your face is unchanged, but your behind is growing big and round you will have a son.
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Question: How to know that baby is not hungry..
Answer: Hi.. Dear when your baby, will be full, will stop signaling hunger. Expect a decrease in restlessness movements, and hand to mouth motions (move of taking hand in mouth). Slowing down of sucking, As your baby finishes feeding, she/he is likely to shift to quicker, lighter suckling with longer pauses in between. These signs will indicate. However, you baby will not let you sit comfortably if he /she is hungry.
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