11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how do I know it's a baby boy or girl????

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Answer: Hello dear!There are many myths regarding your belly bump, carvings and etc but there is no scientific proof for that.. it’s just an assumption.. what makes the difference if it is boy or girl you are the mother for both so it is a surprise for you dear.. enjoy the surprise at the day of your delivery.. so Healofy wishes you all the best dear.
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    Piyali Paul988 days ago

    Oviously.thank u

Answer: Rifht
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    Piyali Paul989 days ago

    Sorry,i cant get u....

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    Bindia Pathria988 days ago

    If baby is on right side of uterus then boy and if on left then girl...

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Question: How to know it's a baby girl or baby boy
Answer: Hi dear to know baby is danger there is only one way that is sex determination test and it is completely illegal in India. Yumi found so many ways in internet which claims to predict your baby's gender. But believe me dear these all are myth. When I was pregnant most of the people concluded from the symptoms that it will be a girl but I gave birth to a boy. So don't believe in all this things , just relax and enjoy your pregnancy for healthy baby. Take Care.
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Question: How can I know it's a girl or boy
Answer: Hi dear, i can understand the curiosity and trust me the surprise and wait of 9 month worth it. An ultrasound technician can tell you, but they can be wrong and in India it's also against our law. I would suggest you to pray for healthy baby as weather its girl or boy we being moms our love and affection won't be any different. Hope you have a healthy baby. Take care.
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Question: how do I know it's a baby boy or girl?
Answer: Doctors are not allowed to disclose gender of baby as per law. Some people say if baby kicks are felt more on left then its a girl and if on the right then its a boy.Not sure if this is true though.
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