4 months old baby

Question: how do I know if my 4 month baby has ear infection. she scratch n rub her ear, sleep less, drink formula milk, cry a lot holding her ear. can you suggest a remedy. I spoke to my doc he says it's common in baby to rub ear n cry

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Answer: If ur doctor has said there is no problem, there is nothing to worry about.
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Question: My baby pee a lot n if I lay him down he starts to cry Al time can't carry him n very less sleeps
Answer: Dear don't worry, every child is unique, Passing urine a lot times a day till the time baby is only on milk may be normal, especially if the baby is well, active and gaining weight. However, you may get a urine routine examination to make sure it is normal.In the first 6 month infant feeding is usually every few hours, including at night, but most 6-month-old babies have the stomach capacity to hold them through the night. This means that if your baby eats a lot during the day, she should not wake up at night because of hunger. By 6 months old, baby can eat solid foods several times a day including cereals and pureed fruits and vegetables. Baby should also have milk per day. Make sure baby a good meal of solid food and milk before bedtime. If baby is not hungry, then baby will not wakes up, and baby will sleep more .
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Question: My baby has got very bad ear pain...she is even crying to move her head n may i know the reason n remedy for it.... pls help
Answer: Hello ma'am You can try these methods Try placing a warm, moist compress over your child’s ear for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can use a muslin cloth. Dont compress hardly just very lightly .This may help reduce pain. And you can also Slightly elevate the baby head by taking in your lap this can improve your baby’s sinus drainage. After using home remedies if still the babies pain is not going than consult your Pediatrician Take care
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Question: My baby has a lot of hair on her forehead, ear n upper lips.. how to peel it off..
Answer: Hi.. You can apply olive oil on your baby's body and gently massage at least twice a day.Apply gram flour, turmeric and milk on your baby's forehead and give him/her a massage before bath.Prepare a soft dough of wheat and gram flour and rub it all over your child 's body slowly. Remove these using luke warm water.
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