32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How do i know if its a baby boy or baby girl without usg?

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Question: How do i know its a girl or boy
Answer: Hello Da... Gender of baby can be confirmed in ultrasonography,but in our state,they won't predict baby's gender,it is against law and order,There are few ways available to find them, But that are not that much accurate You can follow these steps it might helpful Chinese gender predict calender - it can be calculated by month of conception with mother's birthday,it is 90 percent accurate Ring test Take your wedding ring,tie it in a rope, hold that rope on stomach if it moves too and froth motion,you are carrying boy If it goes like circular motion, It is a girl Heart rate Heart rate if your heart rate below 140,you are carrying a boy .. If it is heart rate above 140, you are carrying a girl ..
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Question: How do we know if its a boy or a girl baby?
Answer: Hi dear ..Only dr. Knows your baby's sex and it can be determined between 18 -22 week ultrasound and it is illegal to ask baby's sex. Few videos shows through baby heartbeat we can predict baby's gender but it is just a myth. So just enjoy your pregnancy phase and take care of your health to keep your baby healthy.
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Question: How to know its a baby boy or girl .... Without USG
Answer: That it’s impossible for your doctor to even know only radiologist can tell you which is banned in India and though it’s an wonderful gift of god just try to love and wait for surprise
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