Few days old baby

Question: how do I increase my baby weight he is 7 week old and 4.370 kg. he looks very thin.

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Answer: I feed him every 2 hrs. But he doesn't drink more than 15 mins. After finishing 1 breast he doesn't drink from other breast. So I express n giv him in small bowl ( paladey).
Answer: Don't worry. As I said, most babies have a growth spurt around 3 months. Keep breastfeeding often. That's the key as of for now.
Answer: Your baby is perfect acc to his or her age .dont worry about thin or fat... Just give him or her your milk...😘
Answer: S it's common. During vaccination they vl have fever. Dnt worry he vl gain weight. Take care
Answer: Keep breastfeeding him every 2-3 hours. Babies have a growth spurt around 3 months.
Answer: He lost his weight during 1 n half month vaccination.