38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how do i knw if my amniotic fluid level is normal?

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Answer: U need to do scanning
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Question: How do i know if my discharge is normal or amniotic fluid
Answer: Hi dear...amnotic fluid generally gushes out..or it will be a dripping leakage..it will be like water and would not be sticky or greasy like normal discharge. Also it will be continuous may it be dripping or full flow..
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Question: Hello,what to do if amniotic fluid is more than normal level,plz answer
Answer: I will only advise you to wait till 39 week because sometimes baby ahead engages as low as 37weeks because every pregnancy is different in some time -- baby head engages very early at 30 weeks and sometimes it keeps floating because of high amniotic fluid level so if your fluid is on higher side this is more than 14 till 39 then you might see a problem with baby headlock do not worry I will only advise you to wait one week more and if you feel strong abdominal cramps at 39 then you must see a gynecologist and they can plan for your pregnancy in advance but if your placenta is not low lying then there is no need to worry. Extra-amniotic fluid always posses risk so please mention your fluid levels in your question. do not worry
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Question: How to do if amniotic fluid increases?
Answer: Stop eating sweets and reduce intake of more fruits and eat fiber rich food
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