17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how do baby skin texture be fair during birth. which kind of food will help during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear, There is no food or drink that could give you a fair baby.baby's complexion is decided by genes.these are all heredity characters.some people do say ,taking saffron during pregnancy,makes baby fair etc,but it is a complete myth.your baby skin colour won't change through diet,but it could become healthy and supple by healthy diet.so wish for healthy skin rather fair skin.fair unhealthy skin is not wished by any.
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    M B298 days ago

    thank you

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Question: How to get fair skin of my 2.5 year daughter, which food is good for fair skin?
Answer: Hi. One cannot get fair skin suddenly as its baBies genetic. But you can improve skin tone, apply ubtan from pure herbal.
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Question: Are Chocolates good during pregnancy? If so which kind of chocolates will be helpful??
Answer: Hello dear. Chocolate is perfectly safe for most pregnant women—in moderation. In fact, there's some evidence that eating chocolate during pregnancy could lower your risk of high blood pressure. But should not be over eaten as it contains caffeine which is not safe during pregnancy. Any type of chocolate should be fine. Take care.
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Question: How to make a baby fair or improve his skin texture. My baby is of 44 days
Answer: Hi dear, Baby complexion is decided purely by genes.color of baby keeps changing till one and half year .post that baby gets its original color.theres nothing much that you could do here,as all of it is genetic.and baby is too small to use any home remedies to brighten the color.remember there is no way that you could make your baby fairer.mild skin products are encouraged,no harsh soaps or creams to be used.i used Atogla body lotion and cream,and tedibar soap.all the products are wonderful.la k of chemicals and mild for baby sensitive skin.
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Question: What should be eaten during pregnancy to get fair skin colour of baby?
Answer: Dear complexion of baby is completely depends upon the Gene's. So if you or your husband is fair then your baby will get it automatically. Just eat healthy and nutritious diet and stay hydrated that's quite enough..
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