35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How can we differetiate ligament pain and labour pain??

Answer: Dear ligament pain will be a constant pain and it will increase when you do certain moments like sit or get up and labour pain is not a constant pain it will come and go and its feels like a wave which comes from back to your back and ends on stomach and everytime it comes again pain will be intense. so that way you will understand that its day labour pain and not ligament pain..
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Question: How can round ligament pain be treated .?
Answer: It cant be treated dear it will fade after your pregnanccy... hyderate yourself properly and do the excercise
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Question: How can we identify labour pain
Answer: Hello Dear, Can understand your anxiety and experience you are going through. You are in a period where anytime a Labour pain could occur. Labour pain can be one in by persistent back pain, abdominal pain , and in most cases there will be spontaneous rupture of membrane which is called water bag which surrounds the baby. Sometimes there could be slight bleeding as well. Take care and relax.
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Question: How we can identify the labour pain?
Answer: It will be severe stomach and back pain like periods like contractions. The stomach pain will increase intensity with intervals. The tendency to urinate frequently will be there and sometimes the water will also break
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