5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how can we know that we have twins in our womb and is there any early symptoms

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Answer: u can do sonography.. due to pain dr did sonography on 4th week.and two fetus along with heart beat were present.
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Question: is there any post ovulation symptoms there..by which we can know that we have ovulated?
Answer: Basal body temperature, or the lowest temperature the body hits in a 24-hour period (usually just when you wake up), follows the same pattern across each monthly menstrual cycle. Basal body temperature is fairly consistent most of the month, then may drop slightly before ovulation — but increases dramatically during ovulation. If you track your basal body temperature over time and recognize these patterns, you will be able to pinpoint, with decent accuracy, the days when ovulation is occurring (and you are most fertile
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Question: how can we know that we have twins in our womb and what is the early symptoms of that
Answer: Double kick stomach will be heavy and in sonography dr tell when you know that you are pregnant
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Question: After how many weeks we can know there are twins in d womb
Answer: between 10 to 13 weeks you will come to know that there is twin in your body.
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