35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how can we feel that our baby has dropped...

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Answer: Lightining in ur tummy U feel more hungry U cn breath properly More need to go bathroom Lower abdominal pain
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Question: How we understand that baby has dropped position?????
Answer: Hi Dear your upper abdomen will become empty, and you will feel pressure in your lower abdomen, you will have difficulty in walking sitting Standing and sleeping, you will feel baby movements below abdomen and you can also sometimes feel baby Heartbeat over you can easily breathe now and you will have more pressure on your vagina these are few symptoms of baby drop in your pregnancy take care
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Question: How can we know that the baby has dropped?
Answer: hi dear when the baby is dropped your stomach will be lower down and you won't be able to belly button this is how do you know if baby has dropped. Take care dear
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Question: How can we know that baby head has dropped down?
Answer: You will feel relaxed ,,, weight over lower abdomen ... Abdominal circumstance low
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