11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How can i stop my everyday vomiting tendency

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Answer: Hello dear...Nausea, Vomiting , Tiredness are common in pregnancy, morning sickness usually reduced in the end of first trimester,it can be stopped by following these steps Have breakfast, within a hour of wake-up ,it will reduce morning sickness,and vomiting Always have fruits after meal,it will give you more strength and stamina Drink lemon juice,with salt,sugar it will reduce vomitting You can boil a piece of ginger,in a glass of water,allow it to boil for five minutes,have it,best remedy for vomitting For vomiting,you can drink buttermilk,tender coconut,cumin water ,ajwan water it will helps a lot Avoid oily,spicy food,and packed items too,it will cause indigestion ‌
Answer: Try gooseberries with salt
Answer: Try taking ginger lime
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Question: How can we reduce vomiting tendency?
Answer: Hi it so quite common in first trimester dear but I understand kind of discomfort it will given u should avoid eating those which makes u nauseaus. Also make sure to sip lime water as sour thing reduce vomit tendancy. Have small small meals. Don't overeat. Stay active and drink proper water. Eat dinner 2 hours before sleeping.
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Question: how can i stop my vomiting .......
Answer: Nausea is very tricky at first place it doesn't let you have anything , and then more you stay empty stomach more severe it gets. Start your day with white rasgulla or coconut water. It really helps in easing out nausea. Second eat in small quantity but at regular intervals. Lets say at every 2 hours, this will provide the extra calories needed for your baby’s development and also will keep nausea at bay. Staying hydrated is again a great remedy. After each meal munch on few roasted fennel seeds mixed with mishri. This keeps the mouth taste favourable and doesn't trigger nausea. Kerp yourself occupied because thinking about nausea makes you vomit more. Lastly you can ask your doctor to prescribe you antivomit pills and it will take care of all your worries. Stay blessed!
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Question: How can i stop my baby vomiting
Answer: Dear, After every feed take your baby in your arms , tap her and make her burp. Massage her with warm mustard oil with heeng. U can also mix heeng in it breast milk and give one spoon to your baby. U can also apply heeng with milk on her navel. Ask your doctor about some medication if there is severe vomiting.
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