4 years old baby

Question: How can I stop my children shouting aloud?

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Answer: dear this I am telling you from experience babies do not stop from shouting because they are kids and it is difficult to explain to them still you must talk to them and explain them that it is not right to shout frankly nothing will work only as they grow older they begin to understand
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Question: My baby shout so much due to teeth come how stop shouting
Answer: Hi dear,he has a pain for teething..so giving u some remedy that may help ur baby -A 7 month old can easily hold a frozen banana but you should always supervise her while she eats frozen fruits and vegetables. Provide teething rings and other toys for your toddler to gum during times of teething pain. Put these toys in the refrigerator or freezer for a short time to enhance the effect. Do not encourage your child to suck on toys, as the sucking action causes blood to rush into your baby's gums, resulting in pressure and pain. Do not freeze the teething toys, as they will become hard enough that they can damage your youngster's gums.Hope this will help.Take care.
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Question: How to stop children cougeing
Answer: Hello dear. Depending upon the age of children, you may give cough syrup, or if the cough is too much, you can even give nebulization with the permission of your doctor. Take care.
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Question: Shouting children is good???
Answer: No dear not at all.how could this be good. Please tackle them with love. If you will keep shouting they will loose their confidence.
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