3 months old baby

Question: How can I reduce vaccination swelling on thigh of my 74 days old. He is crying badly.

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Question: How to ease vaccination pain and swelling on thigh of the baby..
Answer: Hi Dear, After vaccination the swelling, reddish are common at shot. For some vaccines babies will get fever after 24 hours of vaccination. Follow thd below tips.... take an ice pack or ice cube and put it on shot and gentle massage on it. Repeat this for every half an hour. This will help to soothe the inflammation. Give him more fluids to get hydrated. No need worry dear. It will take at least 2 days to rid of pain and swelling.
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Question: How much time after vaccination, can I put ice on vaccination, my baby is crying alot
Answer: My doctor had insisted NOT to use ice packs post vaccination, instead he had given Flexon syrup which is a mild sedative and prevents fever too...I was told to give her that every 6 hours irrespective of the fact that fever comes or not..
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Question: I have 50 days old baby,have taken vaccination on thigh 1day before.but now found swelling and hardness on thigh ..what to do
Answer: Dear you can use ice pack for cold compress. This would give relief in the swelling and hardness. It should get bettet after sometime. Hope it helps.
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