21 months old baby

Question: How can i promote self feeding to a 21 month old toddler boy.? He doesnt sit at one place and eat . When he self feeds, it is usually not enough to fill his tummy. What can i do about it?

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Answer: Hello, It's easy to get so focused on what foods you give your baby and overlook the importance of how your baby eats.you pinch the food and let baby bring your fingers to her mouth you hold the piece of food and let baby grasp from your fingers this often elicits a pincer grasp before baby uses this fine motor skill to get food from a flat surface place a bite or two on a surface in front of baby, for independent attempts
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Question: My baby boy is about to complete seven month. He doesn't sit unassistant? When he may start sitting? Is he late in achieving his milestone? He doesn't eat anything in sitting position. He takes only liquid yet.. is it ok?
Answer: Hello darling, Babies might start sitting as early as 4 months old or as late as 9 months. Don't try to rush it.you should make sure she should be able to hold her neck up, have some balance, and have trunk muscles. Put your baby on her back so you can slowly pull her up by her hands to a sitting position.The best way to learn: enticement. Baby loves looking at herself in mirrors already. Try placing one just a little too high for her to see into; this will encourage her to sit up. Another muscle-strengthening idea: Hold your baby under the arms so she can put her feet on the floor. Baby can't stand alone yet, but holding her in that position helps gain more core strength. Hope this will help 
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Question: Hi my boy baby is 7 n half months but he is unable to sit by him self n he is not moving from one place to another place
Answer: Hi, don't worry some kids take little longer.Youbshould give massage to your baby on back so that the muscles become strong also give calcium supplements with consultation of Dr.
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Question: My baby can roll over from his back to tummy ... He is 4 month old... When he can sit ?
Answer: Depends when he vl become stable n confident to take his weight by himself . I think by 6 months
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