31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How can i prevent chicken pox one of my family member had

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Question: My daughter is 4month old.one of my family member got chicken pox.. How to prevent my baby from chicken pox?? Can I use homeopathy medicine ???
Answer: Hello dear. Keeping the baby away from that family memever is thr most impirtant thing. Also put neem leaves under the bed sheet where baby sleeps. Use neem leaves boiled water for bathing ur baby. Homeopathy medicine is safe but please consult doctor before giving it. Also make sure to sanitize hands whoever touches the baby. If possible you can use air purifier in the room where baby is. Hope it helps.
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Question: One of my family member is caught with chicken pox. Is it going to impact me or my baby? I have had already chicken pox previously.
Answer: if you have already chickenpox previously then you no need to be worry there is no chance to get you . but you should be alert . you should talk with your doctor and the doctor will give some medicines for the precaution. don't take stress and strain now .
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Question: chicken pox is happening in my family one by one.... so so worried.... how to prevent myself from this?! what adverse may happen if pox attacks me?
Answer: Please dont get panic.. Try to isolate yourself. Get doctors advice as soon as possible..
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