31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how can i know the gender of my baby?? is there any possibility other than usg?? i genorously want a girl....

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Answer: It can be known by tiffa scan having fetal heart rate.if fhr is having less than 150 then it is a baby boy.more than 150 it is a baby girl..
Answer: There is no other way dear...only allah knows whats inside a mother's womb...though pray for a healthy child wheather boy or girl
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Question: I am curious to know the gender of my baby.. expecting girl baby this time.. doctor never reveal gender.. how to know whether i have a boy/girl?
Answer: Hello dear... unfortunately in India we can't know the gender of the baby.....u have to consult ur family or close doctors....of course they may also not reveal the gender...
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Question: I m already mother of a 10y handsome boy I want a baby girl now ,how can i know the gender of my baby???
Answer: Hello, Dear only a doctor can tell you about the gender of baby while doing ultrasound. Otherwise it's completely impossible to tell by just symptoms because most of the time they are wrong. I can understand being mother's we can't help but be curious about baby's gender so there are many games available online that can help you pridict baby gender you can play that just for fun.
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Question: How can i know gender 😂 f my baby? Very curious as i want a girl
Answer: Hi. Its not poaaible to know this in womb dear. You are already in 3rd trimester so just 2 more mo ths and you will have your baby. So just keep pateince for now and get ready for surprise.
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