20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how can I know it's boy are girl

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Answer: You ll have to get sex determination test done to know the gender, other than that no option.
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Question: How can I know it's a girl or boy
Answer: Hi dear, i can understand the curiosity and trust me the surprise and wait of 9 month worth it. An ultrasound technician can tell you, but they can be wrong and in India it's also against our law. I would suggest you to pray for healthy baby as weather its girl or boy we being moms our love and affection won't be any different. Hope you have a healthy baby. Take care.
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Question: How can I know it's boy or girl?
Answer: Hello Dear ..Gender of baby can be confirmed in ultrasonography,but in our state,they won't predict baby's gender,it is against law and order,. There are few ways available to find them... But that are not that much accurate You can follow these steps it might helpful Chinese gender predict calender - it can be calculated by month of conception with mother's birthday,it is 90 percent accurate Ring test Take your wedding ring,tie it in a rope, hold that rope on stomach if it moves too and froth motion,you are carrying boy If it goes like circular motion, It is a girl Heart rate Heart rate if your heart rate below 140,you are carrying a boy .. If it is heart rate above 140, you are carrying a girl ..
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Question: How I know it's boy r girl??
Answer: Hello dear I do not believe in these things Children are blessing of God and respect and love for mother boy or girl does not matter. Wait for surprise on big day.
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Question: How we can know it's boy or girl baby??
Answer: Hi Dear! I can understand how excited you are for the new member to arrive and its true that USG scans can detect gender but unfortunately in our country it is illegal due to unpleasant infanticides which took place in the past and still taking specially with girl child, so there is no way you can know about the gender of an unborn baby. Take care!
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