3 months old baby

Question: How can i increase the flow of milk ?

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Answer: Hi! You can have lactare granules Fenugreek, Fennel seed, Raw papaya to increase your milk supply.However before starting anything to increase the BM get it evaluated once. Because if you do not have low supply you can end up having over supply/ mastitis/ breast engorgement after having the ingredients for increasing milk. If your baby is gaining weight and has adequate amount of wet diaper there is no problem in your supply. Also keep the baby on breast and let her latch more, the more they suck the more milk your body produces. Also have a healthy diet and have plenty of water, to keep yourself hydrated. Good luck!
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Question: How to increase flow of breast milk?
Answer: Hi,breast milk is very imp for the baby,as it helps good growth in the baby and also helps to build the immunity of the baby Have more milk and milk products.Have high protein rich food.Take jeera water.Try this powder mixture too.Take cumin seeds and fennel seedsRoast them till it turns aromatic.Than grind them.Store it in the air tight container.Takr 1/2 teaspon of this powder and 1/2 teaspoon f warm ghee and have it after meal 3 times a day.This will help to boost the milk production.
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Question: How can i control the flow of milk when brestfeeding
Answer: If your milk flow is too fast, you can hand express some milk out and then give it to baby. this way you can decrease the flow
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Question: How to increase the flow of breast milk?
Answer: badam, leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, fenugreek seeds, carrots, increase your best milk. Use garlic and Jeera to your curries
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