3 months old baby

Question: How can i get my periods ?i had c section delivery and had bleeding for almost 50 days after that.now it has been three months after delivery and i haven't had another period .should i consult the doctor?please help

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Answer: hie no dear its absolutely normal no need to worry post delivery you may get your periods anytime between 4 to 18 months it depends on your body and its recovery also if you are exclusivley brestfeeding your baby chances are you might not get your periods atleast untill your baby is 6 months old and start solids so dont worry and enjoy your time with baby
Answer: this is ok and do not worry. it takes time sometimes periouds can happen after 8 months of dilivery only thing to take care is of intercourse do safe intercourse with pills or copper t or how you plan if you suspect a pregnancy then test with your preganews or similar. do not worry.
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Question: Hi.... I had c section, my periods has come after one month of delivery, is this common??? Or is there any problem?? Should I consult doctor or not?
Answer: Dear its completely normal. Many moms do get their period right after delivery bleeding. I also get it same way. So there is nothing to worry about it . Its completely normal..
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Question: After my delivery I haven't had my first periods.. Should I consult doctor or wait another one month?
Answer: hi , you should wait for couple of months. first period after delivery could varies from 2 to 3 months to more than 12 months . Or else you can contact your gynecologist, medicines are there to start your periods again.
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Question: Its my 3rd time periods after c section bleeding heavily, it has been of delivery
Answer: Hi dear in that case I will suggest u to consult doctor as it may be the symptom of utreus infection which is common to ladies after delivery if not take care properly of diet and hygiene.
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