11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How can I fell the baby with in uterus

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Answer: Hi, generally between 19-23 weeks you may feel baby's movement i also felt around 20th week.
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Question: My baby heartbeat how can I fell
Answer: You cannot feel the heartbeat but movements can be felts after 16 or 18 weeks if your first time pregnant . On 9th week scan you can hear heart beat on ultrasound .
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Question: i am 5month pregnent.i can't fell my baby movement.when i can fell the baby movement?
Answer: Once you complete 5th month you will start feeling less movement and gradually it will increase. Best way to feel is after you eat your meal you will feel.
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Question: This is my first pregnancy how can i fell the movements of baby
Answer: Hello The first fetal movements are often described as a “fluttering.” It is often such a subtle movement that you have to be still and pay close attention to notice it, it will be like butterfly in stomach. Some women can feel theirbaby move as early as 15 weeks, while others don't notice it until closer to 20 to 22 weeks Everyone is different, every pregnancy is different, they say you should start feeling the baby move around 16 weeks, when i was 21 weeks pregnant i also could not feel my baby movement at all, but when I went for my ultra sound the baby was moving like crazy and I did'nt even feel her. So just because you don't feel her does'nt mean she's not moving.have patience Take care
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