12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How can I feel my baby now

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Answer: Now you can't feel your baby, once you will complete 20 weeks you will start feeling baby movements
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Question: From which month I can feel the movement of the baby? Now I am 17weeks pregnant.
Answer: Dear, a woman can start feeling baby's movement as early as from 18 weeks and as late as from 24 weeks onwards. I started feeling baby movement from 21 weeks on wards & its common.
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Question: I feel my stomach is hard but i can feel baby movt?
Answer: Hey, I also faced same issue and when consulted doctor got to know that it could be the uterus expanding a bit more, Baby changing position or it could be Braxton Hick contractions. Don't worry these are just practice contractions and normally go away after a while, They can come and go during the day. Take care!
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Question: Hi,I have a baby boy hes now 6month old now..can I know about what how to make foods?
Answer: Start giving fruit purees to your baby like apple puree, carrot puree, pumpkin puree, mashed banana, mashed sweet potato and potato. Don't forget to follow 3 day rule, start giving one food at a time and for next two days so you can check for any kind of food allergy.
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