11 months old baby

Question: How can i ensure my baby puts up healthy weight

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Answer: Hello dear Make sure to feed everything to your baby do not leave any fruit or vegetable untouched just because you do not like the taste developing a taste for every food is important at this age so 1-2 years is very crucial in terms of feeding nutritious food and focus more on dairy products which help to gain weight.
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Question: I am at 23 weeks. I have preclampsia ... how can I ensure safe and healthy delivery of my child
Answer: If preeclampsia is suspected during a pregnancy, do not try to self-diagnose and treat at home; see the obstetrician as soon as possible. If the doctor suggests home care, try to get help with household chores and assistance watching other children if the patient is sent home on bed rest. The doctor may recommend that the patient or caregiver take and record blood pressures at home and provide the patient with instructions if certain symptoms or blood pressure levels occur. If questions or problems occur, call the obstetrician.
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Question: my baby puts his fingers in mouth a lot. how can i stop it
Answer: If you are not against pacifier use it at least much better to suck pacifier than to chew fingers
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Question: How can I ensure my baby connects with my husband.. I am 19 weeks pregnant.
Answer: He should start talking, touching your belly.. these are the main things
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