2 years old baby

Question: how can i cure my 2yrs baby ear pain

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Answer: 1-Two-three drops of warm onion juice placed in each ear 2-One-two drops of warm olive oil in each ear 3- A cup of salt or a cup of rice placed in a large sock, warmed (not hot!) in a microwave oven and placed on the outside of the child’s ear for 10 minutes 4-Several drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes A warm, never hot, compress or hot water bottle applied to the affected ear for 10 minutes 5-Elevating the child’s mattress to help with drainage – place something under the mattress to elevate; do not use pillows under the child’s head. 6-Giving the child water to sip and swallow, which may help open the eustachian tube. These remedies may offer a short term solution to help your suffering infant. U will have to take proper medicine.
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Question: How to cure baby ear pain?
Answer: Hi dear your baby is only 3 months old now and if you think that the baby has ear pain you need to take the baby to the doctor because if there is an infection there has to be some kind of a medication but please do not apply any home remedy on the baby .. Hope this helps!
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