17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: how can i control my anger?even i knw its not good somwthings happen that i get angry.

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Answer: Hii dear. It happens due to harmonal dis balance. Mood swings is very common during pregnancy. When u get angry try to divert urself or thing sometime good. Listen to calming song, do meditation and morning walk.it will.keep u fresh and active. Have healthy food and avoid being starving. Try to avoid traveling in heavy traffic or polluted areas. Indulge urself in exercises, yoga and swimming. U can also join pre natal classes to cope up with it. If it's extreme then don't miss to seek professional help. All the best.
Answer: This is really a crucial time for you but only you have to think abt your baby .His health is most important for you for a safe delivery so plz listen to good things ,think of good thoughts and be happy always.ignore what makes u angry and divert yourself .Anger is common during pregnancy .
Answer: Do yoga to control ur mind nd walk regularly....nd just thank abt ur baby wen ever u get anger....bcos anger may have negative effects on your baby in the womb....so try to b peaceful whatever the situation may b.... gud luck
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Question: How to control my babies anger?...she gets angry immediately if the thing doesn't happen the way she wants....
Answer: Hello Being with a stubborn kid can get upsetting and frustrating. Try taking control over the situation with these tips Give the kid choices. Whn u ask them to do something and they are being stubborn ask wt they want to do instead create a win win situation. Tell them to do things in a fun way. That way they follow ur directions. Always keep it simple. Use first or then language this ll help your child understand wt can happen.Stay calm. Let them not see that their behavior upsets u. The kids sometimes do it just to see u upset. Rein force good behavior. Praise them when they do some thing good reinforce this by saying how he or she was so good so they kno good behavior is appreciated.
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Question: I tend to get angry and sumtyms beat my 21 month old twins ..how do i control my anger plz help..plz suggest ways to control
Answer: Its quite normal and it is a phase which will pass. Try appreciating the child if they behave nicely. Give a star on their hand or something like their favourite dish if they behaved nicely. Child show awsome improvement if they are appreciated for their good behaviour. Being with a stubborn kid can get upsetting and frustrating for u as a parent but make sure do not let them see that their behavior upsets u. Try taking control of the situation with few below mentioned tips:- 1.) If the kids are given choices of there own wish it creates a win win situation they will do what u r asking them to do in return u do what they want to do. Most of the times the things that they ask for are quite small things which makes them happy. 2.) Doing things in a play way method also helps getting kids involved. They follow ur instruction easily if u ask them to do it in a play way method. Tell them to do things in a fun way. 3.) Stay very calm and patient. 4.) Appreciation does wonders so praise them if they have been good. Hope it helps.
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Question: I tend to get angry always... Please tell me how do i control my anger n y m i so agressive
Answer: Hi dear, Most of the reasons for anger is stress.Everyone wants to be stress free but too difficult to just ignore it.it is also not possible to simply avoid it.but one can develop the skills to handle it.exercise is one such way to handle stress.it infact releases stress.the happy hormones are produced in mind after you workout.so donot miss your morning walks in early morning sun.eat healthy.junk food could increase your stress levels. Avoid any kind of argument unnecessary.try to walk out of heated arguments. Read a good book,meet your loved on s often,watch your favourite TV comedy.sing song,dance it out.do something that makes you happy.do something that brings smile to someone else's face.stress management is a process that won't come in just single day.you need to practice everyday.do deep breathing every day,walk bare foot on soft green grasses.all such minute things would definitely help you in long run.i wish you all the very best!
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