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Question: how can conceive twice baby

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Answer: Hello! Have answered your query.
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Question: How can conceive a baby boy
Answer: Try to conception on your ovulation day or one day before and after ovulation day. Generally ovulation day occurs after 14 days of your first day of last period. Find symptoms of your ovulation day like white discharge and mild lower abdomen pain. You can check your ovulation day by ovulation day kit available in medical stores easily. Ovulation day is necessary because y chromosomes(i.e., baby boy) in male sperm lives for only 24 hours so you get maximum chance of having a baby boy if you do intercource on or day before and after ovulation day. X chromosomes for baby girl if you do intercource one week before ovulation than chance of girl is higher because boy sperm lives 24 hours and girl sperm lives around 1 week. Hope this find you helpful Stay happy and blessed I hope soon you will get motherhood Best of luck
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Question: how i can conceive a baby boy
Answer: Hello dear i can understand your feelings but really sorry as there is no such method to conceive a boy or a girl. It all depends on chromosomes of people involved If X and X meet then girl If X and Y meet then boy Hope for healthy baby.
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Question: how can conceive twins baby?
Answer: Hello! It is not possible for us to decide for twins. It happens naturally and one cannot do anything as such to ensure twins are conceived.
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