30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: How are you are you

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Answer: Hi dear all well u can ask ur question based on pregnancy or parenting
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Question: how are you...what you doing
Answer: Hi dear, By 11 weeks your baby would be already about 5 centimetres long and weighs about 9 grams. Your baby now has a fine layer of skin, and her head is about half the size of her body − but don't worry, her body will start to grow into proportion soon.
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Question: How are you baby are you fine
Answer: I do not worry you baby must be absolutely fine you should take on your prenatal supplements eat healthy food keep yourself well hydrated and and follow UPS with doctor which will help to know the proper growth and development of debate
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Question: How are you dear? how are you dear
Answer: Hi don't worry as maintain a healthy diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated walking daily for about half hour will help baby in growth and development take care
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