4 months old baby

Question: Home reminds for cough and cold for 4 months baby

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Answer: Haldi is best add hot water in haldi nd put on baby chest nd ajwain heat
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Question: Home remedies for cough and cold for 10 months baby
Answer: Hi. If your little one is suffering from cough and cold, take a few green moringa or drumsticks leaves and warm them with 1/2 cup of coconut oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Make sure that it does not burn. Use this as your baby's hair oil when she has cough and cold. It provides them relief Dip cotton balls in Nilgiri oil and put it in the four corners of the room. You can also add few drops of Nilgiri oil in vapourizer and give the baby steam in a closed room. Remember no direct steam for small babies. Take few Tulsi leave, wash and put in boiling water alongwith lavang and ginger. Boil to half the quantity.. give a little warm to your baby.
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Question: Home remedies for cough and cold for 4 months old baby
Answer: Hi Try these remedies for cough and cold:Heat ghee in a pan,add camphor (kapur)in the ghee,warm it till the camphor melts,cool it.Apply it on your baby's chest,back and below feet as well.The second one is mixture of mustard oil with ajwain and garlic.Apply this too to your baby's chest,back.Give ajwain potli compress on baby's chest or give ajwain steam.These are all helpful remedies for getting rid of cold and cough.Also use saline drops for nasal congestion along with nasal suction pump.
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Question: Home remedies for cold and cough for 2 months baby
Answer: It is tough to get pomegranate leaf but if it is possible to you than add 4 pomegranate leaf 2 black pepper 2clove with 2 tablespoon drinking water boil it and give half spoon two times in a day to your child... I was suggested by my cousin.. it is effective.
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