6 months old baby

Question: Home remides for cold and cough for baby

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Answer: Hi dear cold cough s due to seasonal so Give bf after 2 2 hours to ur baby, bath or sponch wit warm water ,put 1 1 drop nasoclear into nose Mix a little turmeric with warm water to make a smooth paste, and apply this mixture on your baby’s chest, forehead, and the soles of his feet. Wash it away after some time. The heat from the turmeric will help in diluting the mucus and allow it to ooze out easier.,wear clothes according to weather cool-mist humidifier will create moisture in the air and clear out the congestion in your baby’s nasal passage.
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Question: What to do for cough and cold?
Answer: Take steam two to three times daily for 5 mins it will give u relief .also use vicks vapourp at night u can sleep happily
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Question: Cough and cold in 5 month old baby. My baby caught with cold from 3 days and cough from today, I'm giving her syrup for cold but she is spitting (syrup and milk) immediately. Any home remedies or something helpful
Answer: Visit to doctor do not take risk as baby is only 5 months old.. for home remedies take sarso oil, garlic, ajwain and boil them once cool to normal temperature apply on baby chest and keep fan on 1 and baby should wear full clothes like full sleeves and full from bottom this remedy is for cold
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Question: I have cough cold . Any home remedies ?
Answer: Take steam, honey with ginger juice, drink hot water, kadha
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