10 months old baby

Question: Home remedy for loose motions.. Plz

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Answer: Dear give banana..it works, give pear juice also. Keep him hydrated, take any ors.. maintain some hygiene
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Question: Home remedy for loose motions?
Answer: Hi..i am 7 months pregnant...from last night ..i am having loose motions...pls suggest any home remedy for the same.
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Question: Home remedy for loose motions
Answer: Hai dear it is important to get your child to breast feeding as usual, or eat regular food in small. Cocanut water has lot of natural salt and minerals.. Or consult your doctor.. give more water to children.
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Question: Any home remedy for loose motions ??
Answer: Following are the remedies for loose motions Follow a BRAT diet Banana ,rice,apple and toast These food help treating loose motion. And firm's stool Avoid oily and spicy food and increase your fluid intake so that you keep yourself well hydrated Drink oral rehydration solutions to replace lost electrolytes Have ginger black tea with honey it should help you with lose motions as well Have lemon water or peppermint tea both will help heal the stomach from within
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Question: any home remedy for baby's loose motions??
Answer: Hello! If your baby is on breastfeeding, then watery stool is common. Even passing stool 15-20 times a day is also fine, hence nothing to be worried about.
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